Department of Defense to investigate Space Command headquarters relocation

The Inspector General’s Office of the U.S. Department of Defense announced Friday it will investigate the Trump administration’s decision to relocate the U.S. Space Command headquarters from...

DATE: Feb. 21, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Gov. Jared Polis seeks a big, fast coronavirus stimulus package

As the Colorado General Assembly returned to work Tuesday, the No. 1 priority for Gov. Jared Polis and Democratic lawmakers will be passing an economic stimulus package to help lift the state out...

DATE: Feb. 16, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

An expert panel advises Colorado’s governor on coronavirus

The Polis administration says the Governor’s Expert Emergency Epidemic Response Committee is not geared for rapid decision-making. Late last week, a group of some of the state’s foremost experts on...

DATE: Feb. 15, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Census data for redistricting expected after maps are due

The U.S. Census Bureau is warning states that it may not provide the population data they need to redraw congressional and legislative districts until Sept. 30, more than 180 days late and after a...

DATE: Feb. 15, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Republicans: Time to trim governor’s emergency powers

In theory, Gov. Jared Polis could keep Colorado under emergency-declaration status for as long as he’s leading the state, giving himself broad powers that he wouldn’t otherwise be able to wield...

DATE: Feb. 14, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Gov. Jared Polis calls his billion-dollar coronavirus bill a stimulus plan

Colorado has a “once-in-a-generation opportunity,” Gov. Jared Polis said, and it lies within his billion-dollar economic stimulus proposal to help the state rebound from coronavirus. “This billion...

DATE: Feb. 14, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Colorado’s senators vote to impeach Donald Trump, but the former president is still acquitted

WASHINGTON – The Senate on Saturday acquitted Donald Trump of inciting the horrific attack on the U.S. Capitol, concluding a historic impeachment trial that exposed the fragility of America’s...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Boebert’s campaign reimburses her for 38,000 miles of travel

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s campaign paid her $22,259 in mileage reimbursements, effectively claiming that Boebert had driven 38,712 miles during the course of her campaign in 2020. It’s a...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Across Southwest Colorado, number of unaffiliated voters swells

Shauna Blaylock describes herself as a libertarian on economic issues and a liberal on social and cultural issues. A registered Republican in 2018, she switched to unaffiliated in 2020, saying she...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Independent candidates fail at the polls

The number of unaffiliated voters in Southwest Colorado is skyrocketing, but those numbers have not translated to tangible victories by Independent candidates on Election Day. And there’s evidence...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Durango is wild about Bernie, too

People are still taking about the presidential inauguration held Jan. 20. And while a lot of that talk is about the new Biden administration and the historic swearing in of Kamala Harris, our first...

DATE: Jan. 27, 2021 | CATEGORY: Arts & Entertainment

Racial disparities emerge in state’s COVID-19 vaccination rates

White Coloradans are more likely to have received a coronavirus vaccine than those who are Black or Hispanic, according to new data released Friday by state health officials. The numbers show that...

DATE: Jan. 24, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

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