Private health care

Southwest Retina opens research center to conduct clinical trials

A new research center focused on ocular conditions in Durango will offer hope to patients suffering from otherwise incurable disorders. Southwest Retina Consultants added 800 square feet to its...

DATE: Oct. 20, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

Trauma changed course of teen’s life

Rachel “Rage” Domingos struggled with trauma, mental illness, addiction and bullying before she died by suicide in 2015. She was 23. Her mom, Ginger Domingos, now sees a clear link between her...

DATE: Oct. 3, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

New safe rooms at Mercy will protect patients in crisis

Across the state of Colorado, psychiatric hospitals do not have enough space to care for all the teens who need to be stabilized because they are in crisis. Most teenagers are admitted to an...

DATE: Oct. 2, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Pediatric Partners screens for risk, teaches resiliency

Dr. Heidi McMillan wanted to offer integrated behavioral health care at Pediatric Partners of the Southwest about five years ago to help meet the needs of patients and to address the shortage of...

DATE: Oct. 2, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Rep. Jared Polis expands on health care ideas

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis presented a “100-Day Roadmap” on health care Monday, laying out the quick steps he would take when he assumes in office in January, if elected. “This...

DATE: Sept. 17, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Mercy CEO aims to maintain hospital legacy amid uncertainty

For Will McConnell, Mercy Regional Medical Center’s new CEO, uncertainty in health care is a major challenge that he faces while aiming to maintain the hospital’s long trajectory of success....

DATE: Sept. 10, 2017 | CATEGORY: Business

State health exchange premiums will rise significantly in 2018

Insurance premiums for those who purchase insurance through the Colorado health exchange program are set to increase an average 26.7 percent across the state next year, the Division of Insurance...

DATE: Sept. 6, 2017 | CATEGORY: Local News

Axis Health System expanding mobile crisis team

Axis Health System will expand its mobile crisis team this year to more quickly respond to areas where they are needed. The team responds when someone is in crisis, suicidal, or otherwise in need...

DATE: Aug. 25, 2017 | CATEGORY: Local News

Health plan’s fall brings dread for ‘Obamacare’ recipients

DENVER – One American was able to afford her toddler’s latest heart operation. Another had the means to go back to college to pursue her dreams. They and thousands of others were able to do so as...

DATE: July 19, 2017 | CATEGORY: Health

Former Durango Family Medicine patients warned of security breach

Former patients of Durango Family Medicine were alerted last week of a breach of private health information, which could include such things as medical conditions and social histories. On June 6,...

DATE: June 14, 2017 | CATEGORY: Local News

Jury rules against Durango man in lawsuit against Mercy over bedsore

A jury found in favor of Mercy Regional Medical Center and awarded no damages to a Durango man who accused the hospital of negligence for a bedsore he suffered while in Mercy’s care. Jason Gurule...

DATE: April 24, 2017 | CATEGORY: Local News

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