Real estate

Bureaucracy can impact home prices

Rising home prices are a signal to builders: As housing gets more expensive, it’s time to create more of it. Then as new buildings rise, the competition for scarce housing falls. And that keeps...

DATE: Dec. 4, 2016 | CATEGORY: Business

U.S. home prices surpass pre-recession peak

WASHINGTON – U.S. home prices have fully recovered from their steep plunge during the housing bust and Great Recession, according to a private measure. The Standard & Poor’s CoreLogic Case-Shiller...

DATE: Dec. 4, 2016 | CATEGORY: Business

Texas, California sending many new residents to Colorado

Newly published data by the U.S. Census Bureau indicates La Plata County’s largest pool of migrants continues to come from other parts of Colorado and nearby states. The American Community Survey...

DATE: Dec. 3, 2016 | CATEGORY: Business

Residents explore solutions to housing shortage

Nico Foster and his wife have been hunting for a house in Durango for several months, and while they want to stay in town, they have thought seriously about moving to Mancos. “We feel this town is...

DATE: Dec. 1, 2016 | CATEGORY: Local News

US construction spending up 0.5 percent in October

WASHINGTON – U.S. builders boosted spending on construction projects by a modest amount in October, helped by big gains in spending on home construction and the biggest increase in government...

DATE: Dec. 1, 2016 | CATEGORY: Business

Walkable, rideable neighborhoods are here to stay

Why is there the hubbub about “walkable and rideable” neighborhoods? It is elementary, my friends. The convenience of shopping, restaurants, art and music activities, river trails and open space...

DATE: Nov. 27, 2016 | CATEGORY: On Real Estate

Chinese on worldwide buying spree

If they were anywhere else in Beijing, the five young women in cowboy hats and matching red, white, and blue costumes would look wildly out of place. But here at the city’s biggest international...

DATE: Nov. 27, 2016 | CATEGORY: Business

Sales of new homes slipped in October

WASHINGTON – Fewer Americans purchased new homes in October, but sales are still much stronger this year than in 2015 – a positive sign for the housing market. The Commerce Department said...

DATE: Nov. 27, 2016 | CATEGORY: Business

New standards make today’s home fireplace units much more efficient

A crackling fireplace during the cold season is an aesthetically pleasing heat source and a desirable one in Durango’s vacation homes, and it’s an asset the National Association of Realtors ...

DATE: Nov. 25, 2016 | CATEGORY: Business

Trump presidency holds unknowns for housing market

The imminent Donald Trump presidency, whether that incites optimism or pessimism in Americans, holds unknowns about most issues of policy, including housing. While some are assured Trump’s...

DATE: Nov. 21, 2016 | CATEGORY: Business

Higher mortgage rates rocking housing market

The spike in borrowing costs in response to President-elect Donald Trump’s pro-growth agenda is causing some heartburn in America’s housing industry. San Diego mortgage broker Shanne Sleder said a...

DATE: Nov. 19, 2016 | CATEGORY: Business

Looking for edgy decor? Try new traditional

In decor, “traditional” tends to conjure up images of matched furniture sets, prim patterns and buttoned-up formality. But there’s been a revamp, and what’s now being called “new traditional” is a...

DATE: Nov. 19, 2016 | CATEGORY: Business

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