State elections

Colorado embraces Super Tuesday, but at what cost?

DENVER – Colorado expects to pay about $6.3 million to run a March 2020 presidential primary, after a 2016 decision by voters to jettison a cheaper, but confusing, caucus process to determine...

DATE: May 3, 2019 | CATEGORY: Local News

Colorado joins Super Tuesday presidential primaries

DENVER – Colorado is moving up its 2020 presidential primaries from June to Super Tuesday in March. Gov. Jared Polis made the announcement Tuesday. He says the change to March 3, 2020, will lure...

DATE: April 30, 2019 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Colorado Legislature OKs changes to presidential electors

DENVER – Colorado’s Democrat-controlled Legislature approved a bill Thursday calling for the state to join others in casting their presidential electoral votes for the winner of the national...

DATE: Feb. 21, 2019 | CATEGORY: Regional News

After Colorado’s blue wave, what’s next for the Republican Party?

The 2018 midterms swung Colorado into blue state territory as Democrats cinched a political trifecta in state politics. As Colorado Republicans gather on the political borderlands, they’ve got a...

DATE: Jan. 11, 2019 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Analysis: How well did Trump, Obama do on Colorado candidates?

Former President Barack Obama and his former vice president, Joe Biden racked up perfect scores endorsing Colorado candidates in this year’s election – every candidate backed by the two Democratic...

DATE: Nov. 21, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Poll finds unaffiliated voters in Colorado don’t like GOP, loathe Trump

Colorado’s unaffiliated voters turned out for last week’s election in record numbers and turned their backs on Republicans by wide margins, a survey conducted by a GOP polling firm shows. What’s...

DATE: Nov. 15, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Democratic wave surged deep into Colorado’s key counties

For years, political analysts have had their eyes on a handful of counties in Colorado – Jefferson, Arapahoe, Adams and Larimer – as bellwethers, the ones that predict whether Colorado might go...

DATE: Nov. 13, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Backers of oil and gas drilling setbacks in Colorado lost at the ballot box, but are looking to a new blue statehouse

The defeat of Proposition 112, Colorado’s oil and gas drilling setback measure, followed a national trend. Voters in Arizona and Washington, like those in Colorado, turned down measures that would...

DATE: Nov. 12, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Colorado’s election brought a wave of women, but the current was strongest for Democrats

Women turned out in force in Colorado on Election Day, casting 110,000 more ballots than men, based on unofficial results Friday. But it was primarily Democratic women who won the day: They...

DATE: Nov. 11, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Taxpayers prove stingy despite strong economy, support for Democrats

A question emerges after Colorado’s midterm vote of 2018: What exactly does a good year to ask for a tax increase look like? “It does seem to be a statewide trend: The voters want you to live...

DATE: Nov. 9, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Trump has no sympathy after Colorado GOP congressman loses

DENVER – Five-term Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman blamed his defeat in Colorado on resentment toward President Donald Trump – but Trump is offering no sympathy and accepting no responsibility....

DATE: Nov. 7, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

At a glance: Colorado wins and losses in Tuesday’s election

The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office says more nearly 2.5 million voted in this election. That number surpasses the more than 2.05 million who voted in the last midterm election in 2014. Nearly...

DATE: Nov. 7, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

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