Amid the pandemic, an adventure addict finds solace in imagination

OK, I get it: I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. So as an inveterate adventure traveler facing a months-long adventure deficit, I decided in mid-March that I had to get resourceful. So in the...

DATE: April 25, 2020 | CATEGORY: Travel

Think things are bad for airlines? It’s about to get worse

The biggest and most profitable U.S. airline just posted its first quarterly loss in more than five years. Now things are going to get really bad. Delta Air Lines Inc. reported Wednesday that it...

DATE: April 24, 2020 | CATEGORY: Travel

Still no vacation refund? It might be time to play the card

If a travel company isn’t refunding payment for your canceled vacation, maybe it’s time for a credit card dispute. Asking a bank to force a merchant to return your money is typically a last resort....

DATE: April 24, 2020 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

Delta records 1st quarterly loss in 5-plus years; worse is on the way

Delta Air Lines, the biggest and most profitable U.S. airline, lost $534 million in the first quarter, a setback that will appear trivial when the full force of the pandemic is revealed in the...

DATE: April 22, 2020 | CATEGORY: Travel

‘A stroke of luck’ to be on global cruise during pandemic

BARCELONA, Spain – For Spanish traveler Carlos Payá, being on an around-the-globe luxury cruise while the rest of the world scurried into their homes for fear of the COVID-19 pandemic was beyond...

DATE: April 20, 2020 | CATEGORY: Travel

Look left, turn right – jump! Islands offer remote tourism

LONDON – Wish you could travel to a faraway island during the lockdown? The Faroe Islands are offering remote tourism, where web users can control a real life tour guide to trek around the remote...

DATE: April 17, 2020 | CATEGORY: Travel

Major airlines line up to split $25 billion in payroll aid

The nation’s biggest airlines have tentatively agreed to terms for $25 billion in government aid to pay workers and avoid massive layoffs in an industry that has been slammed by the coronavirus...

DATE: April 16, 2020 | CATEGORY: Travel

Confusing coronavirus refund policies frustrate travelers

If you’re trying to get a refund for a canceled trip, prepare for an unpleasant surprise. Although some airlines, cruise lines and hotels have offered customers their money back amid a wave of...

DATE: April 13, 2020 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

5 classes you can take at home to be a better traveler in the future

In case you need a reminder, you should not be traveling now or anytime soon. But if you’re privileged to have some time on your hands during the coronavirus outbreak and need a new passion...

DATE: April 11, 2020 | CATEGORY: Travel

Most people on Antarctica cruise ship have the coronavirus

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – Nearly 60% of 217 people – many from Australia, Europe and the United States – on board a cruise ship off the coast of Uruguay have tested positive for the new coronavirus,...

DATE: April 7, 2020 | CATEGORY: Travel

How to talk to others about not traveling during the coronavirus pandemic

As the coronavirus spreads, people around the world are being told by health and government officials to stay at home to curb the problem. But not everyone is following that advice. You may see the...

DATE: April 4, 2020 | CATEGORY: Travel

How to tell if your travel company is going out of business

Remember Amoma. And Thomas Cook. And WOW Air. As travelers cautiously look ahead to their next trip, worried about the financial future of their chosen airline, cruise line or hotel, they’re smart...

DATE: April 3, 2020 | COLUMN: The Travel Troubleshooter

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