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Brand-name drug prices rising at slower pace, lower amounts

TRENTON, N.J. – Drug companies are still raising prices for brand-name prescription medicines, just not as often or by as much as they used to, according to an Associated Press analysis. After...

DATE: Aug. 22, 2019 | CATEGORY: Health

Doctors suspect vaping behind dozens of lung illnesses in U.S.

NEW YORK – As many as 50 people in at least six states have come down with breathing illnesses that may be linked to e-cigarettes or other vaping products. No deaths have been reported, but at...

DATE: Aug. 19, 2019 | UPDATED: 3 days 15 hours ago | CATEGORY: Health

U.S. makes new push for graphic warning labels on cigarettes

WASHINGTON – U.S. health officials are making a new attempt at adding graphic images to cigarette packets to discourage Americans from lighting up. If successful, it would be the first change to...

DATE: Aug. 16, 2019 | CATEGORY: Health

FDA approves TB pill that cures more hard-to-treat patients

TRENTON, N.J. – U.S. regulators Wednesday approved a new tuberculosis medicine that shortens and improves treatment for the hardest-to-treat cases, a worsening problem in many poor countries. It’s...

DATE: Aug. 16, 2019 | CATEGORY: Health

Early study results suggest 2 Ebola treatments saving lives

WASHINGTON – Two of four experimental Ebola drugs being tested in Congo seem to be saving lives, international health authorities announced Monday. The preliminary findings prompted an early halt...

DATE: Aug. 14, 2019 | CATEGORY: Health

To boost workforce, medical schools try to sell rural life

BRISTOL, Va. – On a field trip to the Birthplace of Country Music Museum, Ashish Bibireddy put on headphones and scrolled through a jukebox of music from an influential 1927 recording session....

DATE: Aug. 12, 2019 | CATEGORY: Health

Three Springs MRI to provide higher quality scans with new technology

New technology at Three Springs MRI will allow the office on the Mercy Regional Medical Center campus to provide more detailed images of injuries, bones and organs for the thousands of patients who...

DATE: Aug. 11, 2019 | CATEGORY: Health

Boom in overdose-reversing drug is tied to fewer drug deaths

NEW YORK – Prescriptions of the overdose-reversing drug naloxone are soaring, and experts say that could be a reason overdose deaths have stopped rising for the first time in nearly three decades....

DATE: Aug. 9, 2019 | CATEGORY: Health

Is pot safe when pregnant?

CHICAGO – Pregnancy started out rough for Leslie Siu. Morning sickness and migraines had her reeling and barely able to function at a demanding New York marketing job, so like rising numbers of...

DATE: Aug. 7, 2019 | CATEGORY: Health

Study finds more edible pot among Colorado teen users

DENVER – Some teenagers in Colorado, where marijuana is legal for adults, are shifting away from smoking in favor of edible cannabis products, a study released Monday shows. About 78% of the...

DATE: Aug. 5, 2019 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Cities again see more overdose deaths than country towns

NEW YORK – U.S. drug overdose deaths had been most common in Appalachia and other rural areas in recent years, but they are back to being more concentrated in big cities, according to a government...

DATE: Aug. 2, 2019 | CATEGORY: Health

Hurry up and wait: Doctors say insurers increasingly interfere

After Kim Lauerman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, doctors wanted to give her a drug that helps prevent infections and fever during chemotherapy. Her insurer said no. Anthem Blue Cross told...

DATE: Aug. 1, 2019 | CATEGORY: Health

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