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Portable test helps identify refugees at risk of outbreaks

WASHINGTON – Call it a lab in a box: Researchers created a device about the size of a toaster that can test a drop of blood to tell, in about half an hour, who’s immune to certain infections and...

DATE: April 30, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

Cataract surgery evolves to make vision even sharper

A new tool at Four Corners Eye Clinic ensures that surgeons can more precisely replace lenses in the eyes of cataract patients. The clinic’s intraoperative aberrometer, or ORA, allows doctors to...

DATE: April 29, 2018 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

More kids have autism, better diagnosis may be the reason

NEW YORK – The government estimates that autism is becoming more common, but it’s only a small increase and some experts think it can be largely explained by better diagnosing of minority children....

DATE: April 28, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

San Juan Basin Public Health offers tips to prevent rabies

San Juan Basin Public Health is warning residents about the dangers of rabies. This year in Colorado, 131 animals – 130 skunks and one alpaca – have tested positive for rabies, and according to a...

DATE: April 28, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

Genetic sleuthing bolsters food poisoning searches

ATLANTA – Disease hunters are using genetic sequencing in their investigation of the ongoing food poisoning outbreak linked to romaine lettuce, a technique that is revolutionizing the detection of...

DATE: April 27, 2018 | CATEGORY: Food

Opioid treatment gap in Medicare: Methadone clinics

One in three older Americans with Medicare drug coverage is prescribed opioid painkillers, but for those who develop a dangerous addiction there is one treatment Medicare won’t cover: methadone....

DATE: April 26, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

Kids with rare rapid-aging disease get hope from study drug

CHICAGO – Children with a rare, incurable disease that causes rapid aging and early death may live longer if treated with an experimental drug first developed for cancer patients, a study suggests....

DATE: April 24, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

Vaccinated against shingles? Great. Do it again.

Federal officials have recommended a new vaccine that is more effective than an earlier version at protecting older adults against the painful rash called shingles. But persuading many adults to...

DATE: April 23, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

Fish oil capsules don’t help dry eye symptoms, study finds

Many doctors recommend them, but fish oil supplements failed to help people with dry eye when put to a scientific test. About 14 percent of U.S. adults have dry eye, which causes pain and vision...

DATE: April 22, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

Spouses can boost early detection for melanoma patients

CHICAGO – There’s an extra bonus to marriage for melanoma patients: They tend to be diagnosed in earlier more treatable stages than patients who are unmarried, widowed or divorced, a new study...

DATE: April 21, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

U.S. experts back marijuana-based drug for childhood seizures

WASHINGTON – A medicine made from the marijuana plant moved one step closer to U.S. approval Thursday after federal health advisers endorsed it for the treatment of severe seizures in children with...

DATE: April 20, 2018 | CATEGORY: Health

Performance center opens at Fort Lewis College, could attract elite athletes

Exercise science majors at Fort Lewis College now have more opportunities to do research and work with athletes thanks to the newly opened Fort Lewis College Durango Performance Center. The Durango...

DATE: April 19, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

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