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Strokes rising fast among young

LOS ANGELES – Strokes are rising dramatically among young and middle-aged Americans while dropping in older people, a sign that the obesity epidemic may be starting to shift the age burden of the...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2011 | CATEGORY: Health

Diet soda tied to stroke risk; reasons unclear

LOS ANGELES – It’s far from definitive proof, but new research raises concern about diet soda, finding higher risks for stroke and heart attack among people who drink it every day versus those who...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2011 | CATEGORY: Health

Stroke rehabilitation doesn’t have to be high-tech

LOS ANGELES – The largest study ever on stroke rehabilitation found that doing physical therapy at home improved walking just as well as a high-tech treadmill program.More surprising, patients who...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2011 | CATEGORY: Health

Red Cross to hold CPR, first aid classes

Herald Staff ReportThe American Red Cross will offer several classes at its Southwest Chapter office, 1911 Main Ave., Suite 282.Challenge any CPR/first aid certification class for $35. No...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2011 | CATEGORY: Health

Migraine in the stomach

Cyclic vomiting syndrome, a variant of a migraine’s set of cruel, unexplained, debilitating symptoms – first described in 1882 but unnamed for 100 years – is soon to gain national recogition on two...

DATE: Feb. 6, 2011 | CATEGORY: Health

Study shows brisk walks help reduce brain atrophy in Alzheimer’s patients

WASHINGTON – A section of the brain involved in memory grew in size in older people who regularly took brisk walks for a year, researchers reported last week.The new study reinforces previous...

DATE: Feb. 6, 2011 | CATEGORY: Health

Health Briefs

Parkinson’s group to meet in Durango A meeting of patients with Parkinson’s disease is held at 11 a.m. the third Wednesday of each month at First United Methodist Church, 2917 Aspen Drive. This...

DATE: Feb. 6, 2011 | CATEGORY: Health

For-profits may be cherry-picking hospice patients

CHICAGO – For-profit hospices may be cherry-picking the least costly, most lucrative patients, potentially putting the nonprofit industry at a financial disadvantage, a study suggests.The...

DATE: Feb. 6, 2011 | CATEGORY: Health

Colo. Medical Society president says U.S. needs to focus on costs

With America already short $38 trillion needed to pay for Medicare insurance for the elderly over the next 75 years, the nation must focus on controlling health-care costs, according to Dr. Michael...

DATE: Feb. 6, 2011 | CATEGORY: Health

Halve your salt

WASHINGTON – You should eat less salt, the government says. A lot less. It won’t be easy. Consumers will need help from food companies if they are going to meet the government’s ambitious new...

DATE: Feb. 6, 2011 | CATEGORY: Health

‘The breadth is amazing’

Leon Vinci had barely settled into his new job as director of the San Juan Basin Health Department when he was tagged to be co-chairman of the Health Alliance of La Plata County.Vinci took the...

DATE: Jan. 30, 2011 | CATEGORY: Health

‘Corpulent’ in 1860s, ‘overweight’ now

WASHINGTON – Before there was Dr. Atkins, there was William Banting. He invented the low-carb diet of 1863. Even then, Americans were trying out advice that urged fish, mutton or “any meat except...

DATE: Jan. 30, 2011 | CATEGORY: Health

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