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Battling PTSD takes big commitment

Surviving post-traumatic stress disorder requires acknowledging and confronting a bugaboo squarely and reliving it as often as it returns, says a retired U.S. Marine Corps sergeant who has been...

DATE: Feb. 23, 2009 | CATEGORY: Health

Can you count to 10 on your fingers?

A recent accident is the focus for this week's column: Colorado Avalanche captain Joe Sakic's encounter with a snowblower and his expected three-month absence from hockey. Who'd a thunk it? Well,...

DATE: Feb. 23, 2009 | CATEGORY: Health

Therapist: Get help for PTSD disorder

The advice of a Durango licensed therapist for people suffering all types of post-traumatic stress disorder is: Don't try to tough it out."People who experience post-traumatic stress disorder as...

DATE: Feb. 23, 2009 | CATEGORY: Health

Network helps those with brain injuries

The eighth regional CIRCLE of the Brain Injury Association of Colorado is scheduled to open in Durango on Thursday. The group works to link people who've had traumatic brain injuries with the...

DATE: Feb. 16, 2009 | CATEGORY: Health

Prevention vital for controlling heart disease

I attended a conference a few years ago hosted by the Department of Health and Human Services called "Steps to a Healthier U.S."The conference showcased some of the nation's leading experts on the...

DATE: Feb. 16, 2009 | CATEGORY: Health

Teens go out, smoke pot less often

CHICAGO - Kids on both sides of the Atlantic are smoking less pot and going out less often with friends at night, a study of 15-year-olds in 30 countries found.The double declines occurred in the...

DATE: Feb. 9, 2009 | CATEGORY: Health

Veterans find peace through acupuncture

ALBUQUERQUE (AP) - For decades, Raul Rojas Jr. suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.After serving two tours of duty in Vietnam, nightmares, an inability to sleep, flashbacks, depression,...

DATE: Feb. 9, 2009 | CATEGORY: Health

Study: Kidney donors suffer no bad effects

NEW YORK - Donating a kidney doesn't appear to have any long-term health consequences for the donor, a reassuring study shows.Researchers at the University of Minnesota found those who gave up one...

DATE: Feb. 2, 2009 | CATEGORY: Health

Glaucoma easy to treat if caught early on

It is not uncommon for many of us to take our sense of vision for granted.You might ask yourself when you last had a preventive eye exam. Yet diseases of the eye often are not symptomatic in early...

DATE: Feb. 2, 2009 | CATEGORY: Health

Salmonella tests few and far between at peanut factories

ATLANTA - Food regulators didn't consider salmonella a threat to most peanut products before they traced an outbreak to a peanut butter plant in Georgia two years ago. Officials in the nation's top...

DATE: Feb. 2, 2009 | CATEGORY: Health

Hearing aid

A new Colorado law requiring insurance companies to pay for hearing aids for children goes a long way to interrupt a chain reaction that can follow untreated hearing problems, La Plata County...

DATE: Feb. 2, 2009 | CATEGORY: Health

Early testing for cataracts is high-tech

WASHINGTON - Research-ers are using a NASA gadget to finally tell if a cataract is brewing before someone's vision clouds over.It's a story of shot-in-the-dark science that paid off with a...

DATE: Jan. 26, 2009 | CATEGORY: Health

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