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Gov. Jared Polis has issued a statewide stay-at-home order for non-essential workers and activities.

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What did you say?

CHICAGO – A stunning one in five teens has lost a little bit of hearing, and the problem has increased substantially in recent years, a new national study has found.Some experts are urging...

DATE: Aug. 22, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Practicing Tai chi may ease symptoms of fibromyalgia

Tai chi eased painful joints and other symptoms of fibromyalgia in a small but well-done study of this ancient Chinese form of exercise.Tai chi combines meditation with slow, gentle movements, deep...

DATE: Aug. 22, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Cancer is world’s costliest disease

Cancer is the world’s top “economic killer” as well as its likely leading cause of death, the American Cancer Society contends in a new report presented at a global cancer conference in...

DATE: Aug. 22, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Staph illnesses in hospitals decline

CHICAGO – Aggressive, drug-resistant staph infections caught in hospitals or from medical treatment are becoming scarcer, another sign of progress in a prevention effort that has become a national...

DATE: Aug. 15, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Fruit pulp linked to rare typhoid cases

ATLANTA – A rare U.S. outbreak of typhoid fever has been linked to a frozen tropical fruit product used to make smoothies, health officials reported last week.Seven cases have been confirmed –...

DATE: Aug. 15, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Knowing when early memory loss is a threat

WASHINGTON – Doctors can’t tell if Leif Utoft Bollesen’s mild memory loss will remain an annoyance or worsen, but experimental checks of the Minnesota man’s aging brain may offer clues.About 1...

DATE: Aug. 15, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

WHO says H1N1 flu pandemic over

GENEVA – The World Health Organization declared the H1N1 flu pandemic officially over last week, months after many national authorities started canceling vaccine orders and shutting down hot lines...

DATE: Aug. 15, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Making veins visible

Anyone who has endured multiple needle sticks when a clinician probes for a vein to draw blood, administer medicine or insert an IV catheter is bound to like this invention. It’s the AccuVein...

DATE: Aug. 15, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Robots link Mercy to surgeons

Stroke victims, whose recovery depends on quick medical attention, now can be seen by a neurosurgeon in Denver via a new Skype-style hookup at Mercy Regional Medical Center.The Telemedicine Robot...

DATE: Aug. 8, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Americans might be owning up to weight

ATLANTA – Are Americans becoming more honest about their weight?That theory could explain why the gap appears to be closing in what people say they weigh and what actual measurements report.A new...

DATE: Aug. 8, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Pregnant mothers who overeat may have obese babies

LONDON – Women who gain too much weight during pregnancy have big babies, putting their children at risk of becoming heavy later on, a new study says.American researchers followed all births in...

DATE: Aug. 8, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Doctors told to avoid 1 flu shot brand for young children

ATLANTA – A government panel is recommending doctors steer clear of giving one brand of flu vaccine to young children this year because of convulsions and fever in kids who got the shot in...

DATE: Aug. 8, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

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