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Kids' chronic health issues get look

Parents who have children with chronic health problems can learn how to relieve stress on themselves as well as theiroffspring and foster mutual respect and cooperation at an all-day conference...

DATE: April 19, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Durango health fair set for Saturday

The 9Health Fair - scheduled for its 31st annual appearance in Durango on Saturday - is one of the best deals going,says Karen Zink, who has been a prime mover in the fair since it was...

DATE: April 12, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Older adults need to get physical

More than just a few articles have appeared in the Herald's pages espousing the benefits of physical activity inmaintaining health. Similarly, the hazards of inactivity and obesity and their roles...

DATE: March 29, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

1986 near-drowning victims saved after 30 minutes in lake

The two sisters who spent a half-hour submerged in ice-cold water in the dead of winter 24 years ago survived becauseof optimal conditions, the emergency room doctor who treated them at what then...

DATE: March 29, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Childproof to prevent poisoning

Consider this scenario if you have small children or if they visit your home. Johnny is a 2-year-old visiting hisgrandparents for the weekend. One morning, Johnny is playing in the living room...

DATE: March 22, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

No sugar served here

La Plata County schools are years ahead of PepsiCo and Coca-Cola in putting sugary drinks out of reach of studentswhile they're on campus.“We don't sell sodas anymore, not even diet drinks in the...

DATE: March 22, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Understand 'cancer dam' to control risks

I noticed recently that the regional science fair for students was being held locally at the fairgrounds. It remindedme about a science fair project I worked on many years ago and presented at my...

DATE: March 15, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Sharing the Care

A Durango-based ecumenical Bible-study group for women has developed a secular ministry to help the ill or injuredthrough trying times. Members of Great ol' Broads of God's, who started meeting...

DATE: March 1, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Acute sinusitis may be headed your way soon

It's bad enough that the snow still is falling while you rake your roof for what seems like the 10th time this season.You can't figure out why it's still 3 degrees when you wake up for work in the...

DATE: March 1, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Lessons from the tragic death of a pop icon

Michael Jackson's death and the fallout from the release of the medical examiner's report two weeks ago attracted hugemedia attention, probably far exceeding any other celebrity drug-overdose...

DATE: Feb. 22, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Report shows location affects health

Where you live plays a role in your health, and a new report that ranks health factors in each of the nation's3,000-plus counties promises to point local policymakers to ways they can help.Looking...

DATE: Feb. 22, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

Pregnancy health good for mom and baby

When I was a young pre-med student, I had a conversation with my dad about preventive health strategies and theimprovement of public health.My dad, who is not in the medical profession but who had...

DATE: Feb. 15, 2010 | CATEGORY: Health

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