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New coronavirus test is imperfect step toward mass screening

WASHINGTON – A new type of coronavirus test offers a cheaper, quicker way to screen for infections, moving the U.S. toward the kind of mass screening that experts say is essential to returning...

DATE: May 11, 2020 | CATEGORY: Health

Organ transplants dive amid virus crisis, start to inch back

WASHINGTON – Organ transplants plummeted as COVID-19 swept through communities, with surgeons wary of endangering living donors and unable to retrieve possibly usable organs from the dead -- and...

DATE: May 11, 2020 | CATEGORY: Health

Experts worry CDC is sidelined in coronavirus response

NEW YORK (AP) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has repeatedly found its suggestions for fighting the coronavirus outbreak taking a backseat to other concerns within the Trump...

DATE: May 8, 2020 | CATEGORY: Health

Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. kids are obese, according to latest data

NEW YORK – Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. kids are obese, according to the latest national data. The news is disappointing, given that programs across the country have for years been trying to reduce childhood...

DATE: May 8, 2020 | CATEGORY: Health

COVID-19 vaccine hunt heats up globally, still no guarantee

WASHINGTON – Hundreds of people are rolling up their sleeves in countries across the world to be injected with experimental vaccines that might stop COVID-19, spurring hope – maybe unrealistic –...

DATE: May 5, 2020 | CATEGORY: Health

U.S. allows use of 1st drug shown to help virus recovery

WASHINGTON – U.S. regulators on Friday allowed emergency use of the first drug that appears to help some COVID-19 patients recover faster, a milestone in the global search for effective therapies...

DATE: May 1, 2020 | CATEGORY: Health

Health official says U.S. missed some chances to slow virus

NEW YORK – The U.S. government was slow to understand how much coronavirus was spreading from Europe, which helped drive the acceleration of outbreaks across the nation, a top health official said...

DATE: May 1, 2020 | CATEGORY: Health

Airway experts’ work puts them inches from where virus lives

It starts with pulling on head-to-toe protective gear. Then comes a brisk walk down a hospital corridor, triple-gloved hands pushing a rattling anesthesia cart toward a door that leads to a...

DATE: May 1, 2020 | CATEGORY: Health

Household cleaning chemicals, why more is not better

A natural and logical response to the COVID-19 pandemic is to be extra vigilant with cleaning and sanitizing. Implemented properly, this practice can help reduce the spread of some viruses and...

DATE: April 29, 2020 | CATEGORY: Health

CDC confirms 6 new coronavirus symptoms showing up in patients repeatedly

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention added six symptoms of the novel coronavirus to its list, suggesting health experts are learning more about the growing number of ways physicians see...

DATE: April 27, 2020 | CATEGORY: Health

Answers to questions about new coronavirus antibody studies

NEW YORK – Studies have begun to emerge that try to determine how many Americans have been infected by the new coronavirus. But are they accurate? The results depend on where and how the research...

DATE: April 24, 2020 | CATEGORY: Health

2 cats in New York state test positive for coronavirus

NEW YORK – Two pet cats in New York state have tested positive for the coronavirus, marking the first confirmed cases in companion animals in the United States, federal officials said Wednesday....

DATE: April 22, 2020 | CATEGORY: Health

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