Picnic-ready, classic slaw gets a healthful upgrade - and a flavor boost

Cole slaw is a good friend to me all summer long. This is the version that’s on my table so often that making it feels breezily familiar – thinly slice the cabbage and onion, grate the carrot, then...

DATE: June 29, 2020 | CATEGORY: Food

Chef Safari has a ‘gift’ for Durango: Eat Zawadi

In the corner of the plaza near Fifth Street and East Eighth Avenue, the brick walls give no hint of the colorful décor and flavorful food held within Durango’s new takeout restaurant, Eat Zawadi....

DATE: June 29, 2020 | CATEGORY: Local News

How to turn single-purpose kitchen tools into multiuse gadgets

I have a pretty small kitchen with a limited amount of room (ask my basement how it feels about being the overflow storage space). So whenever I feel the inclination to add “just one more thing” to...

DATE: June 28, 2020 | CATEGORY: Food

Ice pops are a quintessential summer treat. Here’s how to make your own.

Few summer treats are as iconic as the ice pop. Hot days, a rainbow of colors dripping down your arm: It’s pure bliss. And it happens to be bliss that you can easily create in your own kitchen,...

DATE: June 23, 2020 | CATEGORY: Food

Greek potato nachos are the snackable, craveable mash-up you’ve been missing

Inspiration often strikes unexpectedly. While I was doing errands a few weeks back, I walked past a blue-and-white decorated Greek food truck and a side dish on its menu board caught my eye: fried...

DATE: June 23, 2020 | CATEGORY: Food

After Aunt Jemima was retired, companies are rethinking Uncle Ben, Cream of Wheat and Mrs. Butterworth’s

Last Wednesday, the bell finally tolled for Aunt Jemima, the mascot and name of the 130-year-old pancake brand, as the company announced it would rebrand, minus the racist stereotypes. By later...

DATE: June 21, 2020 | CATEGORY: Food

Intentional leftovers can be a remedy for cooking fatigue

Do you cook because you love to cook? Like to cook? Because you need to cook? Maybe a combo of all of the above on different days? Whatever your answer, these days, cooking is pretty much a...

DATE: June 16, 2020 | CATEGORY: Food

Dietitian sees one positive pandemic outcome: a shift in how we think about food

The novel coronavirus has had a jarring impact on society, but one positive outcome I’ve seen is a shift in how people think about food and nutrition. Long lines at food banks, combined with rising...

DATE: June 15, 2020 | CATEGORY: Food

When life gives you herbs by the fistful, put them to use in sauces, salads and drinks

As I write this, I’m sitting on my patio staring at my herbs. The basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, cilantro and oregano (back from a one-year hiatus!) are polite and restrained, for now. In a pot...

DATE: June 15, 2020 | CATEGORY: Food

Virtual winery tours are bringing wine country to you

The pitch seemed too good to be true. A video graphics firm specializing in virtual-reality exhibits and “minds-on experiences” was offering to produce virtual tours of wineries, for no charge. “I...

DATE: June 14, 2020 | CATEGORY: Food

Documentary focuses on unlikely champion of Mexican cuisine

NEW YORK – If you add garlic to your guacamole, we have bad news: You’re not doing it right. Do you mince the onion? That’s also a no-no. And, please, leave the avocado lumpy. So says 97-year-old...

DATE: June 9, 2020 | CATEGORY: Food

How solo cooks are managing in the pandemic — without resorting to cereal for dinner

I did not attend the virtual lasagna party plastered all over my social media a few weeks back. Neither did Candice Springer, Richard Lee or Valen West. Tayari Jones, a novelist in Atlanta, has no...

DATE: June 3, 2020 | CATEGORY: Food

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