Upgrade your ‘ade, or how to spike summer’s favorite thirst quencher

I don’t know about you, but now and then I kind of regret developing high standards. I can still enjoy movies that fall into the so-bad-they’re-good category (I’m looking at you, “Con Air”), but it...

DATE: June 16, 2018 | CATEGORY: Food

Mancos Farmer’s Market opens for the season

Multiple vendors reported that they sold all their goods on Thursday’s opening night of the Mancos Valley Farmers Market, according to director Carrie Summers. She estimated about 75 people and 10...

DATE: June 15, 2018 | CATEGORY: Food

Not just for vegans: How to rock your tofu with cheese, eggs – even meat

Here’s the trouble with tofu, at least to some Western eaters: You can’t dip it in nacho cheese sauce. Or can you? Even as people have become accustomed to the idea of drinking soy milk lattes, the...

DATE: June 12, 2018 | CATEGORY: Food

Tofu gets a bad rap sometimes. Here’s how to make it great.

Tofu has long since ceased to be a special ingredient, especially now that meatless eating has become mainstream. But it still confounds some of us. Perhaps because it’s so versatile – you can do...

DATE: June 10, 2018 | CATEGORY: Food

Vanasoap sells homemade, artisan, palm-free soaps

Vanessa McCowan originally took up soap-making as a hobby, but she now sells them as Vanasoap at the Durango Farmer’s Market. “I started off giving them as gifts to friends and family,” she said....

DATE: June 6, 2018 | CATEGORY: Food

Explore the mysterious, multifaceted wines of Jura

The Jura district in eastern France is perhaps one of the least known regions for wine. The region sits between Burgundy and Switzerland and is so isolated that its long-standing traditions have...

DATE: June 6, 2018 | COLUMN: The Grapevine

Cortez Farmers Market holds sunny Saturday opening

The Cortez Farmers Market opened Saturday morning with sunny skies and dozens of produce vendors. Although many produce vendors won’t participate in the market until their harvests come in later,...

DATE: June 5, 2018 | CATEGORY: Food

Loud music at restaurants could be leading you to order burgers over salads, study says

Noisy restaurants are a source of perennial complaints, but it’s not just diners’ ears that are affected – it’s their waistlines, too. A new study published in the Journal of the Academy of...

DATE: June 5, 2018 | CATEGORY: Food

Romaine outbreak worsens

NEW YORK – Four more deaths have been linked to a national food poisoning outbreak blamed on tainted lettuce, bringing the total to five. Health officials have tied the E. coli outbreak to romaine...

DATE: June 5, 2018 | CATEGORY: Food

Chipotle moving headquarters from Denver to California

DENVER – Chipotle is moving its headquarters from its hometown of Denver to southern California. The burrito chain announced Wednesday that work done in its Denver and New York offices will be...

DATE: June 3, 2018 | CATEGORY: Food

Farmington looks to propel local food market

FARMINGTON, N.M. – Community agencies and the city of Farmington are looking for ways to boost the market for local food while revitalizing downtown. The Farmington Daily Times reports Farmington...

DATE: June 3, 2018 | CATEGORY: Food

Everything you need to know about marinating meat

For a lot of home cooks, marinating meat is almost as automatic as cooking the meat itself. Douse the meat in some kind of flavored liquid, pop it in the refrigerator overnight and cook it the next...

DATE: June 3, 2018 | CATEGORY: Food

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