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‘Tortilla movement’ seeks to restore Mexico’s iconic food

MEXICO CITY – As Mexico City’s 9 million residents sleep in the pre-dawn darkness, busy hands are already preparing the day’s corn tortillas in the small kitchen of Molino El Pujol, a tortilla shop...

DATE: June 5, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Leave no corn tortilla behind: 6 smart ways to use them up

Corn tortillas. Flour tortillas. There are proponents of both, opponents of both, and times when you want one and not the other. There are enough “this not that” hot takes on the internet to make...

DATE: June 5, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Market Profile: Mushroom specialist brings fungus from mountains

Brady Wilson is a 20-year Durango resident, a state-certified wild mushroom specialist, and the creator of a deodorant body spray. Formally, he represents Sacred Valley Farm at the Durango Farmers...

DATE: June 4, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Steamworks to release Cherry Kölsch firkin

Steamworks Brewing Co. plans to continue its Firkin Fridays series by tapping its “Cherry Kölsch” firkin at 3 p.m. Friday at its downtown brewpub. Creative credit for the June Firkin goes to...

DATE: June 4, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

US holds CBD hearing as fans, sellers await legal clarity

SILVER SPRING, Md. – CBD products have surged in popularity despite confusion around their legal status. Now U.S. regulators are exploring ways the hemp ingredient might officially be allowed in...

DATE: June 4, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Yes, you need to wash your produce. Here’s how.

I get it. Time is tight, and people are hungry. But if you’re tempted to skip washing your produce or give it only a cursory splash, you’re doing it wrong. Food-borne illness is so often thought of...

DATE: June 4, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

These mini clafoutis are easier than pancakes and taste luxurious

These three-bite, custardy, dessert pancakes are as gorgeous as they are scrumptious – brimming with nearly-bursting blueberries and studded with zingy bits of crystallized ginger. All that, and...

DATE: June 3, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

As craft beer market grows, so do wild flavors

Anyone for steak and onion Kolsch? Or a macaroni and cheese pale ale? Those were among the flavors at the Strange Brew Festival in Reno, Nevada, this month, where competition for attention has...

DATE: May 30, 2019 | CATEGORY: Business

You can now spend your summer wearing a ranch dressing swimsuit in a ranch dressing pool floatie

Sure, no one needs a $35 pool float shaped like a bottle of ranch dressing. But ranch dressing has never been about needs. Ranch dressing is about our most brazen wants: to make healthy vegetables...

DATE: May 29, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Atapiño liqueur combines pinion nuts and ponderosa pines

The spice of roasted piñon nuts and the sweet, vanilla sap of ponderosa pines are aromas that are emblematic of the Southwest’s high alpine desert. It was these aromas that inspired Santa Fe...

DATE: May 29, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Ready, set, grill: A guide to outdoor cooking

I hear the siren call of the grill year-round, but in spring and summer, it seems like everyone wants to get outside and cook. I love grilling for these reasons: The convection heat of an outdoor...

DATE: May 28, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

Farmers Market: Bee-Orn Apiaries produces certified natural honey

Based in Farmington, but keeping their bees along both the Animas and San Juan rivers, Bee-Orn Apiaries sells comb honey at the Durango Farmers Market. Owner Steve Rankin said the apiaries follow...

DATE: May 28, 2019 | CATEGORY: Food

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