Ribs for an easy party

Nothing says game time like eating meat off the bone. Though ribs take a long time to cook, most of the cooking is unattended.In this recipe, the ribs get rubbed with a dry seasoning mixture, then...

DATE: Feb. 1, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

A classy but casual Super Bowl

Eric Ripert may be an icon of French cookery, but he also knows his way around a Super Bowl party.“The food has to be able to help you to drink,” says Ripert, chef and owner of Le Bernardin, one of...

DATE: Feb. 1, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

It’s all about balance – primer to Chinese cooking

What tastes like a pot sticker but looks like a million bucks? The dumplings served on the eve of Chinese New Year, of course.“The dumpling shape looks like the money of the old days,” says Susur...

DATE: Jan. 25, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

For prosperous new year, start by dining on clams

Clams symbolize prosperity in Chinese cuisine, and they are a must-have at Chinese New Year’s banquets. Ditto for the scallions, whose hollow shoot represents an open mind. In this recipe, a...

DATE: Jan. 25, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

Embrace stir-frying for better taste and health

This year, how about a Chinese New Year’s resolution — more stir-frying.It’s a choice that not only can lead to more flavorful eating, but also healthier food.Grace Young, author of “Stir-Frying to...

DATE: Jan. 25, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

Eat rich, eat right for Chinese New Year

SAN FRANCISCO – Have your luck and eat it, too.That’s the philosophy behind traditional Chinese New Year’s dishes, which are loaded with symbolic meaning auguring prosperity for the coming year....

DATE: Jan. 25, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

That’s cold

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – Food science professor Robert Roberts tried to explain the finer points of soft serve over the din of a commercial ice cream maker churning out a frosty vanilla mix.Cameras or...

DATE: Jan. 18, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

New deal site offers steep discounts

NEW YORK – Foodies have a new way to snag reservations at posh urban eateries – and enjoy them at a steep discount.A six-month-old Web service called VillageVines is elbowing its way into the...

DATE: Jan. 18, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

‘Takeout’ dinner for nights you don’t want to cook

This simple and versatile soba noodle stir-fry is for those nights when your cravings for Asian food aren’t strong enough to get you out the door.Soba noodles are made from buckwheat. In addition...

DATE: Jan. 18, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

You, yes you, are the No. 1 powerful foodie

Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray you expect. But Steve Jobs on a list of the 50 most powerful people in food?The idea was to choose people “that directly or have the ability to directly affect what...

DATE: Jan. 18, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

Shrimp fried rice that doesn’t come from inside a box

Fried rice doesn’t have to be greasy and come in a folded cardboard box.When you’ve got the craving for salty-crispy rice studded with bits of vegetables, egg and meat, make your own. It’s no more...

DATE: Jan. 18, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

After years in brown rice limbo, vegan gets hot

Vegan food gets a bad rap among meat eaters. It’s typically portrayed as bland or somehow lacking.This stew is anything but. It is flavorful, colorful and full-bodied. It doesn’t require a trip to...

DATE: Jan. 11, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

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