Flavors of Fusion

Durango has a reputation for offering as many dining options as cities two and three times its size. That’s arguable, but few would disagree that we have a number of restaurants offering bites of...

DATE: April 5, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

Use spring herbs, veggies for pasta

For the dedicated kitchen gardener, winter can be a tough period limited to leafing through seed catalogs and stretching the remnants of whatever was canned or frozen from last season’s...

DATE: April 5, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

Spring asparagus makes healthy soup

Global markets and high-tech shipping methods have put asparagus on our tables virtually year-round, yet most of us still associate it with spring.But whenever you eat it, asparagus is a...

DATE: April 5, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

Scientist writes 2,438-page, $625 cookbook

Nathan Myhrvold didn’t just go to school; he worked on the quantum theory of gravity with Stephen Hawking. He didn’t just get a job; he became Microsoft’s first chief technology officer. As a...

DATE: April 5, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

Durangoan’s Southwest flair wins national recipe contest

DeeAnn Ruiz, team leader of nutrition services at Mercy Regional Medical Center, has taken the top prize in the Campbell’s Souper Recipe Contest and Cook-off, sponsored by Campbell Soup Company’s...

DATE: April 5, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

Goodbye, guilt-free fries? Calorie counts may soon be on menus

WASHINGTON – Like it or not, many restaurant diners soon will know more about what they are eating under menu labeling requirements proposed Friday by the Food and Drug Administration.The...

DATE: April 2, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

Avocado fat is healthy, good fat

The flesh of a ripe Hass avocado is so luxuriously buttery and creamy you know from the first bite that it’s loaded with fat.The great news is that it nevertheless is good for you. The fat that’s...

DATE: March 29, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

Risk low from radiation in food in Japan

Radiation-tainted spinach from Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors may sound scary, but here’s a reality check: Even if any made it to stores there, you’d have to be Popeye to eat enough to worry....

DATE: March 29, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

Taste of Italy

When it comes to pairing wines with food, Italian cuisine arguably reigns as the gold standard. Last week’s “An Italian Trattoria Wine Dinner” at Guido’s Favorite Foods, 1201 Main Ave., showcased...

DATE: March 29, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

Austrian says music improves wine

If one Austrian’s quirky idea catches on, wine tastings could soon sound like this: Is that some Mozart in my glass? A hint of Haydn, maybe?Convinced that music is a key ingredient for a good...

DATE: March 22, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

Dark meat is healthy option

Most health-conscious cooks focus on boneless, skinless chicken breasts.It makes sense. This ubiquitous piece of the bird is convenient, versatile and virtually fat-free. But there are other – and...

DATE: March 22, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

Artisan Breads

Barb Mills’ recipe for becoming proficient at bread baking has no short cuts. If you want to make good bread, start practicing, she says.Known for her all-occasion cakes and special-order items,...

DATE: March 22, 2011 | CATEGORY: Food

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